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Partum/Post-Partum Wraps

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Baby Beanies


About Bengkung Binding

Bengkung Binding is a traditional Malaysian practice that has been used for centuries as a form of post-partum care for new mothers.


 Typically, these binds consist of a long strip of woven(non-stretch) fabric that is wrapped and knotted around most of the torso-- usually, extending from slightly below the bust to falling at about the hip line.

Binding/wrapping altogether are said and confirmed by many partum and post-partum mommies to offer the following benefits:

  • Reconnects separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti)

  • Improves circulation

  • Supports the pelvic floor

  • Brings stability to loose ligaments

  • Relieves water retention

  • Helps decrease back pain & provides back support 

  • Improves posture

  •  Helps and supports the uterus and surrounding organs to return to their prior pre-pregnancy form

  • Feels like a warm hug

Our Bengkung Binders will be made of primarily woven cotton and silk fabrics

Standard size will be 15yds long, but can be made longer or shorter upon request.

About Partum & Post-Partum Wraps

Our Partum & Post-Partum Wraps are a stretch alternative to the traditional Bengkung Binding method. Many if not all of the same benefits shown above apply to the stretch wraps. 

Added pros are the softness, breathability, shorter length, and give provided with a knit wrap versus the firmness & structure of woven wraps.

What we love about these wraps, is that not only can they provide support during and after pregnancy, they can also be used as a sling to wrap mommy, daddy, etc with baby.

All in all, we hope you find many uses for our wraps and reap the benefits of caring for yourself during and after pregnancy. 

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