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Dakota Harley is more than an emerging fashion brand. We are the innovators and  trendsetters disrupting the norm by challenging the status quo.


Creating and maintaining a harmonious balance between art, fashion, and technology are quintessential facets of who we are and what we create. DH is a breath of fresh air to any fashion junkie and style maven who truly  knows and owns their unique aesthetic.


Our humble yet fearless seed was planted in 2013, ready to bloom beyond our most surreal dreams. We're honoured to provide a well desired lane for authentik individuals craving for one of a kind works of wearable art at little to no expense to ourselves, others, and our environment.


We look forward to satisfying our diverse and expanding community, strategically and lovingly for our individual and collective evolutions. It is a pleasure to experience this profound and sporadic journey with the support of those exploring Beautiful Kreatures!

With Peace, Love, Light, Balance, & Gratitude


CEO of Dakota Harley Co. 


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