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BOSSC - Charcoal

BOSSC - Charcoal


Our Beware Of Sheep Scarf is undeniably a statement piece that keeps you warm and toasty in extreme cold weather. This item is made with wool, which will become more broken in and softer with each wear. 


Care and Cleaning instructions*

-Spot clean/hand wash with very little agitation in cool to warm water. (Highly recommended and is the safest cleaning method)

-Washing machine is not generally recommended. However, if needed, then use the gentle cycle with cold water, and ensure the spin cycle is on low.

-Do NOT submerge or rinse with hot water  or let this item sit in the sun as it can/will shrink and or become distorted.

-Do NOT put scarf in the dryer.  Lay it flat on a towel or Hang to dry to maintain shape and quality.

-Dry Clean sparingly, if needed. (Some dry cleaning solvents can degrade the material if done too frequently)


-Pilling may occur as it is a natural occurence with dual fiber blends. 

-If wrinkling is present, then use a cool iron, or the wool setting on your iron with low steam and iron the interior side of the fabric. 


*See our FAQs and Best Practices for additional information on caring for your item(s).

SKU: 0000121
  • Size
    W: 56" L: 108"

    Fabric Content
    100% Wool and or 35% Wool 65% Rayon


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