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Bobbi in the Bobbi Flying Dress in Greece

Dakota Harley Co.

A slow-fashion, eco-conscious unisex lifestyle brand crafted

Eternally For

The Laidback, Enigmatik, AuthentiK, & Dramatik

 Dakota Harley... 

where the fly honeydips
go to chill & roam 

In a world full of carbon copies,
Keep That Shyt AuthentiK

We are the innovators and trendsetters creating for people who effortlessly challenge the status quo by being the Creative Directors of their Existence.

 Set the Tone or Else the Tone Will Be Set For You.

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Scarf Collection

Harley modeling the Deep Dulce Dijon BOSSC Scarf and the Butterfly Bangle Brocade Bag. Location Montant

Working with the earth,
not against it

 Symbiotic design; eternal innovation  

Arrowwood Viburnum
DH Likwid Butterflyz Pool Shot x NineJames - Cam Powell

Our focus

We are proudly among an evolving and thriving community of amazing people who want to look and feel beautiful in quality, exclusively inclusive pieces without compromising the health of themselves, others, and our shared environment(s).

Slow, eco-conscious fashion does not have to be drab and limited to an earth-tone colour palette, which we love a good blush-mauve situation! We, just like our community, love having options that furthermore promote circularity. 

We are happy to responsibly use the elements of nature to express ourselves and help others do the same while avoiding materials that can and do have short and long-term effects on us all. 

This means ensuring the garment workers who create the trims and textiles we source are being paid fairly and treated ethically. 

This means eliminating unnecessary non-biodegradable, or non-upcyclable elements in our design.

Our focus is cyclical, where we consider how each component is created, who creates each component to how designs are assembled and can be disposed of or repurposed towards the end of their life cycle with awareness.

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